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of aluminum composit panels

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BILDEX aluminum composite panels are used for the manufacture of ventilated façades and the reconstruction of airport buildings, residential and office buildings, shopping and leisure centers, health centers, and in a network of petrol stations and car showrooms. You can see our facilities in Moscow and all over the country: GasProm, Sberbank, RZhD, IKEA, ASHAN, Russian Post, MTS, Lukoil, TNK, RosNeft, the world’s leading car manufacturers such as BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen, LandRover, Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Peugeot and many more car showrooms.

Due to the high moisture resistance of the material used, ventilated façades can be installed in Moscow in any season. The highly aesthetic characteristics of the products must also be brought to attention, as the structural features of these ventilated façades are suitable for complex designs.
The use of ventilated façades makes it possible to combine a variety of aesthetic decorative building designs with low maintenance costs. These façades are optimal for residential houses as well as industrial buildings, non-residential facilities, etc.
The proposed ventilated façades combine high functionality with excellent aesthetic qualities. All of our products undergo strict quality control and have all the necessary certificates confirming their suitability for construction. Along with this you will be pleased with our prices.